Welcome to Dollar Tree and Family Dollar's Arbitration Website

All references to “the Company” include Dollar Tree, Inc. and any of its direct or indirect U.S. subsidiaries, including but not limited to Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

This site contains important information about the Company’s arbitration program. Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution process. Instead of going to court to resolve employment-related disputes, the Company and its applicants or its Associates will submit any dispute covered by the Arbitration Agreement to a neutral third-party arbitrator. The Company believes that it is generally better to resolve disputes in arbitration than in court.

Please review the “Arbitration Agreements” section of this website to view or download the Arbitration Agreement that you signed. The Arbitration Agreements differ slightly depending on the date you applied or were hired and whether you applied to or were hired by Dollar Tree or Family Dollar. If needed, please use the “Contact Us” link to request additional assistance in selecting the appropriate agreement to download.

Agreeing to arbitration is a condition of applying to, being hired by, and/or continuing to be employed by Dollar Tree or Family Dollar.

If you have any additional questions about arbitration at the Company, please email dtarbitration@dollartree.com.